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Water Tank Overflow Alarm

Affordable solution for water wastage!

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Water tank overflow Alarm | KJMIndia.in


Make In India | KJMIndia.in


100% Safe | KJMIndia.in

100% SAFE

1000 Units Sold | KJMIndia.in


Water Tank Overflow Alarm | KJMIndia.in


  • Power and full tank LED indicator

  • Continuous tone audio alarm

  • Momentary Switch to turn OFF the alarm

  • No need to turn ON and OFF the device every time

  • Once the alarm is turned off by pressing the momentary switch and if power fails and resumes during this time, it will not trigger the alarm.

  • We can use metal sensors or float switches. 

  • No false triggering on power resumption.

  • 100% safe as it operates at 9V - 12V

  • Make in India

  • Wall mountable

how to connect water tank overflow alarm | KJMIndia.in

What Our Customers Are Saying

"I bought a water tank overflow alarm device here and it has been working great these past few months. I have a lot of pets and often leave the house for hours without being able to keep an eye on the tank, so it was getting pretty hard to keep track of when the tank will fill out. I stumbled across this product"

– Ashok

Ashok Review | KJMIndia.in

"I bought this as a gift for my mother and she loves it. We’ve had no water overflow problems since installing it in her apartment. I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for a Water tank overflow alarm device, as it is one of the best on the market and very affordable!"

– Deepthi

Deepthi Review | KJMIndia.in

"Unlike other alarm devices available online, I can keep this device always “on”. I have to just press the push button to turn off the alarm. Better than havells water overflow alarm. Keep up the good work guys!"

– Poornima

Poornima Review | KJMIndia.in

"I bought this device because I had a few water overflow in my basement last year. I was worried it might happen again so I needed to buy an alert device. I searched for the best one and found this product. It’s really easy to use and has saved water wastage."

– Kishore

Kishore Review | KJMIndia.in
Water Tank Overflow Alarm Package | KJMIndia.in

Package Includes

Water tank overflow alarm device and sensors. Two core wire is required (Not included) to connect the device to the sensors inside the water tank.

Deliverd across India.

Was ₹500/-  Now ₹390/-










About us

We are one of the most trending companies in Kanyakumari, engaged in providing circuit boards related to water level indicators, water level controllers, tank overflow alarm circuit boards, and sump and overhead tank (OHT) controller circuit boards.

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