Automatic Water Level Controller Circuit Board With Motor Dry Run Protection


Package Includes:

  • Ready made board
  • 12V, 40A Relay
  • 5 Leds of different color of 3mm size
  • 5 two pins RMC wires
  • 1 four pin RMC wire for sensor

Mandatory Requirements:

Board Size: Approx. 9.5 x 6.5 cm

Can be used in OHT and sump using a 250V cable float switch.

Saves water, time, power, motor

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Water Tank Overflow Alarm Device


Assembled premium quality water tank overflow alarm device in India. Can also be used as a water flow sensor.

Package includes:

  1. Device and
  2. Sensor

NOTE: The device does not have a momentary switch as shown in the video. It is optional.

What is required?

2 core wire is required to connect the sensor to the device.

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